Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm so upset with my mom..............

Ok, let's me verify this first: my mom is very very pretty for some one who is 45 years old. Seriously, she looks like she is still in her 30's. She wears the same size of clothes and jeans that i wear. Needless to say, she borrows my clothes + makeup all the time and never return it unless i ask for it. But that's ok, she's my mom so i will have to live with it.

But this is unbelievable. Yesterday, my mom told me that i'm fat and she thinks that i should lose some weigh. I'm 5'2 and 118 lbs. I went to the gym 1hr/day and 4 days/week. I don't eat fry food and anything that has a lot oil in that - i'm a very picky eater. My favorite quote: "people live to eat not eat to live". I actually started to gain weight since i started to go to the gym. My boyfriend told me that the weigh gain is actually due to the increasing of muscle and decreasing of fat cause muscle is heavier than fat. I myself feels that i'm more fitted and all... But my mom's comment yesterday shatter every ounce of confident in me.

So i have to live like my mom, To keep her figure she eats nothing aside steam veggie with soy sauce everyday. I myself don't think that is healthy but she would not listen cause i know nothing you know.

Ah............I'm so upset, but anyway, i feel better now since my bf swear with me that i look very ok.

so peace everyone.

Friday, August 7, 2009


I just finished my summer session so more free time to blog. Yeah....

Well, i do believe that mask is an important part of your skincare ritual. Mask and exfoliation help to clean your pores, get rid of all the dead skin cells which will keep break out away or at least in control. In addition, it also makes your skin look brighter. I do recommend to mask or exfoliate your skin about 3 times/week.

Well, to be honest i do not bless with great skin, i do have break out before my period and well before the 1st one can be heal the 2nd one already on their way. Does it suck? More than that i hadn't takin care of my skin until i was 18. I'm growin up belivin that i'm beautiful just the way i'm. That's what my parents believe and i been taught that skincare and makeup are unnecessary because your mind and your heart are the most important things. However, that's not entirely true. "Great makeup starts with great skin. And lookin beautiful gives you more confident to be success in life" - this is now my philosophy.

I have been using a pretty good amount of mask and exfoliation products and there are some of my favorite:

1. Laneige strawberry yogurt peeling gell

Very gentle scrub, great for sensitive skin, plus it costs like $20 for a big tube that will last forever. And the smell is divine. Great buy in my opinion. I think is product is similar to Origin Mordern Friction but the price is wayy less...

2. Laneige strawberry yogurt pack

This is an nutrious mask for your face. The texture just like yogurt. I usually used this product after exfoliation. I think that just like washing, after an exfoliation, some or most of your natural oil and mineral are also lost during the process so Laneige strawberry yogurt pack will give your skin its natural balance back.

3.Origins clear improvement charcoal mask

This mask is my personal HG. This will definitely clean your pores. The product itself is amazing. It likes a mud mask i would say. I do feel the burn for like 30s after puttin this on but i think it's worth it to keep your skin healthy. "no pain no game " right?

4. Skinfood rice wash off mask

This is a combination between an exfoliator and a mask which is great for lazy person like me.^^This mask has a temporarily britenin effect but it will leave your skin clean and soft like baby skin. The scrub is also very fine and texture is soft and quite creammy.

5. Skinfood hot seasame wash off mask

Just like the one above but the scrub is a little bit bigger which i don't really like nut aside that. This is also a great product

I also try some of skinfood line of wash off mask but they are not that impressive so don't waste your money. However, i do recommend their 2 in 1 product: exfoliate & mask.

My shipment of sheet mask from will arrive shortly, i will do a review on those after ward

Peace everyone ^^

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


What is a good facial wash?
How to determine a good facial wash?
And lastly how to wash your face properly?

I'm sure we all one time or another have these big, three questions in mind. This is my answers to these problematic questions, it's just my opinions so if you don't agree with it, that's just fine

First, what is a good facial wash?
1. it must take of about 95% of your makeup. keep in mind that there's no miracle in life so don't expect 100%. however, we can achieve the perfect % by combining a a good facial wash with other method
2. it must fit your skin type. i mean it rare that a facial wash can make you break out but believe me that had happened before so if it doesn't feel right, don't use it

Second, how to determine a good facial mask?
After washing your face, your facial skin should feel dry. i know that it's kinda weird but a proper facial wash should take off most of the make up and dirt that accumulative during the day. And because a good facial wash does not discriminate between the dirt particles and you natural skin mineral therefor it also stripped all the mineral and oil out of your skin which can be fix easily with toner

Third, how to wash your face properly?
1. Take of your eyes makeup or anykind of water resistance makeup with makeup remover
2. Follow with a cleansing oil - this will melt all your base, foundation, blush and the left over eyemake up away
3. Then wash your face with a good facial cleanser either with your hand or a brush
4. When you start washing your face, start with warm water and always end with cold water. Warm water opens pores which will help you clean better ad cold water will close your pores, prevent dirt to get in

Below is what i used to wash my face:
1. Makeup remover by Lancome bi facil

2. Kanebo sensei cleasing oil (thinkin about shu uemore next)

3. Kanebo sensei mud soap and Clarisonic brush

Hope this post help you all