Friday, August 6, 2010


Do you like me who get very annoy with all the sebum and gross stuff in your pores. I do know that there are some wonderful pore strip or gel out there; but those things do get expensive plus painful, and worst of all no matter how good the products are, they can't really really clean your pores. So the question is how to clean those stubborn holes in your face? All you need is a pimple extractor. And following these steps:

1. Clean your face
2. Steam your face (you can chose to do this right after a hot shower/right after using the steam room would have the best effects)
3. Extract all the yucky things out of your face
4. Rinse your face with cold water
5. Following up with routine skincare (optional)

** The most important steps in the whole procedures is extracting after steaming your face. There are several reasons:
1. After steaming, your pores are opening up which make it easier for the yucky thing to get out
2. After steaming, your pores are opening up which make the whole process are painless which is the most important thing for me to consider

** Remember to close your pores by rinsing with cold water ok