Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm so upset with my mom..............

Ok, let's me verify this first: my mom is very very pretty for some one who is 45 years old. Seriously, she looks like she is still in her 30's. She wears the same size of clothes and jeans that i wear. Needless to say, she borrows my clothes + makeup all the time and never return it unless i ask for it. But that's ok, she's my mom so i will have to live with it.

But this is unbelievable. Yesterday, my mom told me that i'm fat and she thinks that i should lose some weigh. I'm 5'2 and 118 lbs. I went to the gym 1hr/day and 4 days/week. I don't eat fry food and anything that has a lot oil in that - i'm a very picky eater. My favorite quote: "people live to eat not eat to live". I actually started to gain weight since i started to go to the gym. My boyfriend told me that the weigh gain is actually due to the increasing of muscle and decreasing of fat cause muscle is heavier than fat. I myself feels that i'm more fitted and all... But my mom's comment yesterday shatter every ounce of confident in me.

So i have to live like my mom, To keep her figure she eats nothing aside steam veggie with soy sauce everyday. I myself don't think that is healthy but she would not listen cause i know nothing you know.

Ah............I'm so upset, but anyway, i feel better now since my bf swear with me that i look very ok.

so peace everyone.


  1. Oh boo! lol Mothers are our best critics. My mother is like that as well. Its not fun, but they just want the best for us. & your bf is right. You are gaining muscle not fat. lol Keep the confidence & smile. :)