Monday, May 24, 2010


Well, I love this cleanser: DHC cream wash. It is very cheap, $9 for 2.1oz. And the tube will last you forever. For people who use Clarisonic: this work very well, foaming up nicely. Comparing to my beloved Kanebo - this one wash just as well and way cheaper.
I coupled this one with DHC deep cleansing oil and the result is very satisfying (clean but not drying). Using this along can be a little dry afterward. But if you read my previous post: You all know that I prefer cleanser that dry out my skin because a good cleanser does not discriminate between dirt particles and mineral oil particles in the skin. If you are concern about the dryness, you can use it at night only with some kind of cleansing oil or a toner will fix the problem right the way.
Anyway, pick this out and give it a try guy. Totaly worth it.

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